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Python Full Stack

Course Duration : 14 Weeks
Level : All Levels
Instructor-Led Training : Yes
Live Classroom: Yes
Live-Online : Yes

Where frontend meets backend in perfect harmony

This Python course assists users in mastering AI and machine learning technologies, as well as updating their abilities and understanding these languages. This Python training covers the fundamentals of Python, data operations, conditional expressions, shell scripting, and Django. This Python course will provide you with hands-on programming experience and prepare you for a lucrative career as a Python programmer

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Python Full Stack
Weeks Duration

Hr/Week Therory

Hr/Week Lab


Python Course Contents – Module I

Starting Python programming

How to write your first programs

Control statements

Test and debug a program

The lists and tuples

Working with file I/O

Handling Exceptions

Working with numbers(Advanced Topics)

Working with strings

Working with dates and times


Define and use classes(Advanced Topics)


Database and GUI programming(Databases)

Building GUI program

Django – Module II

Django Topics

Topic 1: Introduction

Models and Migrations

URL Mapping, Views, and Templates

Introduction to Django Admin

Serving Static Files


Advanced Form Validation and Model Forms

Media Serving and File Uploads

Sessions and Authentication

Advanced Django Admin and Customizations

Advanced Templating and Class-Based Views

Building a REST API

Generating CSV, PDF, and Other Binary Files


Django Third-Party Libraries

Using a Frontend JavaScript Library with Django

Front-end – Module III(Front-end Topics)


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