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1. Master The Python Interview 1-Day workshop Know More | 2.One Day Workshop - Python Project (Learn how to approach programming) Know More | 3. The Extraordinary Python Coder - Workshop Know More | 4. Artificial Intelligence for Everyone Know More | 5. Data Analytics for Solving Business Problems Know More | 6. Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics Know More

Machine Learning Training


New Batches Starts For Machine Learning Training From November

New Batches Starts For Machine Learning Training From November

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Machine Learning Training

This course will nurture and transform you into a highly-skilled professional with an in-depth knowledge of various algorithms and techniques, such as regression, classification, supervised and unsupervised learning, Natural Language Processing, etc

Invictus Engineers’ ML training also equips you with Python programming language, a core to predicting things from data

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Weeks Duration
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Hr/Week Lab
Students Per Batch

1. Introduction to Machine Learning & Scikit-Learn

  • ML Applications

  • Choosing the Right ML Algorithm for the requirement

  • Pros of Scikit-Learn
  • Cons of Scikit-Learn
  • Comparing it with other Frameworks
  • Tables of Data

  • Features Matrix and Target Matrix

  • Untidy (Messy) Data
    1. Handling Missing Values
    2. Dealing with Outliers
  • Dealing with Categorical Features (Nominal & Ordinal)
  • Feature Engineering
  • Rescaling Data
  •  Its working
    1. Estimator
    2. Predictor
    3. Transformer
  • Supervised Learning

  • Unsupervised Learning

  •  Reinforcement Learning

2. Unsupervised Learning – Applications


  •  Types of Clustering

  • Applications of Clustering in different fields

  • Loading the Dataset

  • Visualization Tools

  • k-means Algorithm

  • Deeper look into k-means Algorithm

    1. Initialization Method 

    2. Setting the Number of Clusters

Deeper look into Mean-Shift Algorithm

Deeper look into DBSCAN Algorithm

Available Metrics for Evaluating in Scikit-Learn

3. Introduction to Supervised Learning


  • Data Partitioning: Dividing data into subsets

  •  Clarifying the Split Ratio

  • Cross-Validation

  • Evaluation Metrics for Classification Tasks
    1. Confusion Matrix
    2. Accuracy
    3. Precision
    4. Recall
  • Choosing an Evaluation Metric for the purpose of study
  • Evaluation Metrics for Regression Tasks

Bias, Variance, and Data Mismatch

4. Supervised Learning Algorithms


Understanding the Dataset

How   Naive Bayes Algorithm Work?

How Decision Tree Algorithm Work?

Accuracy, Precision, and Recall

5. Supervised Learning – Neural Networks


  •  How Do ANNs Work?
    1. Forward Propagation
    2. Cost Function
    3. Backpropagation
    4. Updating the Weights and Biases
  •  Understanding the Hyperparameters
    1. Number of Hidden Layers and Units
    2. Activation Functions
    3. Regularization
    4. Batch Size
    5. Learning Rate
    6. Number of Iterations
  • Applications of Neural Networks
  • Limitations of Neural Networks

Scikit-Learn’s Multilayer Perceptron

  • Error Analysis
  • Hyperparameter Fine-Tuning
  • Model Comparison

6. Building a Machine Learning Application


  • Building a Program – Key Stages
    1. Preparation
    2. Creation
    3.  Interaction
  • Understanding the Dataset
  • Saving a Model
  • Loading a Model


Deepak K

I have undergone training in a machine learning course from Invictus. The course was really helpful and the faculty was good and friendly. Placement assistance was also good. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity, have a bright future.

Pradeep Y

I would like to extend a thank you to Invictus for providing an excellent machine learning training course. The wealth of knowledge imparted by the trainer has been invaluable and has given me a strong understanding of the subject matter. Thank you again, Invictus.


I have joined the Machine Learning Training course at Invictus. I must say a great amount of knowledge has been delivered by the trainer, which helped me to gain a strong knowledge of the subject. Thank You Invictus.

T. Akshay

I have completed the Machine Learning Training course at Invictus. I would like to express my gratitude to the trainer for their knowledge and expertise which has helped me gain a strong understanding of the subject matter. Thank you, Invictus.

A. Akhilesh

This was a very good hands-on machine learning experience. The training sessions and detailed course curriculum were both helpful. The trainer did a great job of covering each and every topic with care.