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About Us

About Us

About US

We aim to bring out conscious thinking in the students to solve the critical real-world challenges.

We provide online accelerator programs that effectively enhance the coding skills of students to help launch their career as successful software professionals. Our accelerator programs are designed to help students learn the necessary coding skills and life skills to be successful in the software industry.

We offer a variety of courses that cover the different aspects of coding, including programming languages, software development tools, and software development methodologies. We also provide a mentorship program that pairs students with experienced software professionals to help them transition into the industry.


Traditional quant skills are no longer enough to deal with the latest challenges in the real-world. We need to learn new technologies like Machine Learning to solve these challenges in smarter ways.

Today, Machine learning is everywhere around us. We use machine learning every day in our lives, such as spam filters in emails, the recommendations in search engines, language translation services in web browsers and digital devices, chatbots, and digital assistants, and fraud detection systems on finance and banking. We are a team of experts who came from the technology background and been through AI application developments and in designing complex AI programs.

Invictus Engineers

Our Mission

To be the prominent source of learning for aspirants in Information Technology by providing compelling learning experience.

Our Vision

To provide excellent education contemporary to the corporate environment. Promote Learning by facilitating learners with best faculty members, course structure and support infrastructure.

Core Values

To create an interactive environment for trainers and learners. To generate in students the value for their work, to give them a proper learning environment and stimulate their thinking towards productive efforts.

Leadership Team

Kamal Bhushan

Founder & Managing Director, Invictus Engineers | Founder – StudyAbroad7, IELTS7, and Traffic Sourcers


Head of Data Science

Ravi Kumar

Chief Technology Officer, Invictus Engineers


Head of IT

Kiran Kumar

Business Development Manager


Community Experiences Lead

Irene Pereira

Head of Student Delight


Business Development Manager

Our Team & Advisory

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