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Automation Testing (QA) Training

Curriculum Based on Real insights From 50 Top tech Companies

About Invictus Engineers Automation Testing (QA) Training

invictusengineers Automation testing training program will help you to become an expert in the automation testing domain with a focus on error-free software development and quality assurance. You will learn about automation testing concepts, selenium basics, Selenium WebDriver, testing frameworks, and techniques to automate the web UI.

Weeks Duration
Hr/week Therory
Hr/week Lab

Introduction to Selenium & Java

  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Use of Automation Testing?
  • Explanation of Selenium and its advantages
  • Differences between Selenium and QTP
  • Overview of Testing framework
  • Introduction to Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Webdriver/version 2.0
  • Selenium Jars download/Configuration
  • Install Selenium IDE and Firebug
  • Migrating to Web driver latest Version
  • Java Installation
  • Eclipse Installation, configuration
  • Selenium Jars download/Configuration
  • Brush up basic java concepts
  • Keywords and Syntax

Java for Selenium

  • Java Data Types
  • Java Modifiers,Variables & Operators
  • Java Comments
  • Java Control Flow
  • Java Conditional or Decision Making Statements
  • Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming
  • Inheritance,Polymorphism, Abstraction & Encapsulation
  • Java Loop Statements
  • Java Branching Statements
  • String Handling in Java
  • Java Array and ArrayList
  • Java Methods,Predefined Methods & Constructor
  • Exception Handling

Concepts for Webdriver program

  • Webdriver Interface explanation and Invoking Browser
  • Basic Methods of Webdriver
  • How to run tests in Google Chrome
  • How to run tests in Internet Explorer
  • Preview Browser Add Ons overview to identify elements
  • Preview Installing Firebug &FirepathAddons
  • Locator Techniques :Xpath identification using Firepath, Name ,ID, ClassName, LinkText
  • Writing Customized xpath Using Attributes
  • Writing custom xpath Using Tag names Traversing
  • CSS Selectors locators

Selenium WebDriver

  • Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium WebDriver Environment Setup
  • Web Elements and Operations
  • Web Element Locators & Element Locators
  • Inspecting Elements
  • Selenium WebDriver API Commands
  • Browser & Verification Commands
  • Commands for Web Elements
  • Writing Basic Selenium Test Cases
  • Inserting Verification Points
  • Creating & Inserting Reusable Components
  • Create Object Repositories/POM
  • Parameterization & Synchronization
  • Exception Handling

TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium

  • Install TestNG for Selenium
  • TestNG Annotations and Attributes
  • Creating Test Batches
  • Grouping Test Cases
  • Prioritizing Test Cases
  • Executing Test batches and generating Test Reports
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Parallel Testing
  • Understanding the AUT
  • Derive Test Scenarios
  • Selenium Test Environment Setup
  • Create Selenium Test Cases
  • Execute Test Batches and Analyze Test Results

Techniques to automate Web UI

  • Handle Dynamic dropdowns with Webdriver API
  • Handling Static dropdowns with Select webdriver API
  • Handling Checkboxes with webdriver API
  • Handling Radio buttons with Customized xpath
  • Handling Radiobutton dynamically- real time examples
  • Types of Alerts present and Methods to handle them
  • Handling Java Alerts using Webdriver API
  • Web Elements Validation
  • Working with Child windows
  • Handling ul li Tags in Selenium

Automation Testing Training Course Roadmap

Milestones that you will achieve with our Automation Testing Course Training

Our course curriculum is structured so well that it has helped hundreds of students to clear the certification exam during the past few years and they are working with top MNCs today. Automation Testing is an important part of a software project that gives quality assurance and increases the overall success rate for any software apps. A career in automation testing will not fade down for years till software development is in practice.

Here is what all we cover in our online Automation Testing Course to make you an Automation Testing Expert. Each topic has been discussed in detail with the sub-topic that we cover.

What is automation testing?

  • Use of Automation Testing?
  • Advantages of Automation testing
  • Disadvantages of Automation testing
  • Explanation of Selenium and its advantages
  • Differences between Selenium and QTP

Introduction to Selenium IDE

  • History of Selenium
  • Why Selenium tool
  • Differences between Selenium and other Tools
  • Installation and Introduction to IDE
  • Creating first script using record and playback
  • Installation of Inspector Tools and its Uses.
  • Generating Scripts using different WebElements
  • Handling Wait Commands
  • Handling Validations Command
  • Different components in Selenium
  • Selenium Test Life Cycle

Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

  • Verify Page title in Selenium Webdriver
  • Navigation in selenium
  • Radio button and Checkbox in Selenium Webdriver
  • Handling AutoSuggestion
  • Handling DropdownList
  • Handling File upload using Sikuli/Auto IT
  • Handling Drag and Drop in Selenium
  • Handling Mouse Hover,Keyword Events using Action
  • Complete details of Dynamic XPath in Selenium
  • Complete details on CSS in selenium
  • Download files in Selenium Webdriver.


  • TestNG Introduction
  • TestNG Annotations And Benefits
  • To Create TestNG.xml file
  • Ignore Tests in TestNG
  • Skip Test In TestNG
  • Groups & Exception
  • Dependencies
  • Parameterized Tests Using XML
  • Parallel Execution in TestNG
  • Asserts & Soft Assert
  • TestNG Reports
  • Run TestNG Using Command Prompt

Java for Selenium

  • Introduction to java
  • Installation of Eclipse IDE
  • Data types
  • Control Statements
  • What are Functions?
  • Function Input Parameters
  • Function Return Types
  • Java Methods
  • Predefined Methods
  • User defined Methods
  • Java Constructor
  • Exception Handling

Object oriented Programming

  • Class & Variables
  • Deccansoft Software Services Selenium With Java Syllabus
  • Static and non-static variables
  • Static and non-static functions
  • Object, Class & Constructor,Inheritance
  • Overloading and Overriding Functions
  • Packages
  • Access Modifiers
  • Exception Handling
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation

Concepts of Framework

  • Introduction to framework
  • About framework
  • Use of framework
  • Different types of frameworks
  • Different types of packages in framework

DataDriven Framework

  • What is data driven Framework
  • Write Excel using Apache poi/JXL
  • Read Excel using Apache poi/JXL
  • Goals to be achieved in data driven framework
  • Creating a Core Framework
  • Create Maven Project and Packages

Locators of Selenium

  • Tools to identify elements and objects
  • Firebug
  • IE developers tools
  • Google chrome developer tools
  • Locating elements by ID, Name, Link Text, XPath

Database Testing

  • Install MySQL Server
  • Discussion on JDBC Drivers and Other drivers
  • Connection interface
  • Statement and prepared statement interface
  • Resultset interface
  • Discussion on various commands like select, delete ,update, insert queries
  • Using TestNG annotations to establish database connection
  • Sample Connection on application and Validations on it.

Selenium Grid

  • Introduction to Grid
  • reading Nodes and Hubs
  • Deciding number of browsers on a Node
  • Deciding type of browsers on Node
  • Limiting number of concurrent browsers on node
  • Difference between maxSession and maxInstance
  • Configuring chromedriver and IEdriver exe files on grid
  • Testng configurations
  • RemoteWebDriver and DesiredCapabilities

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to work on real-world use cases
  • Be able to demonstrate your understanding of Python to future employers

Career Services

  • 180+ employer partners
  • 500+ HR network
  • Mock interviews prep with industry experts
  • Optimized Resume & LinkedIn profile through expert feedback

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